Minimize to Maximize

Matched to the application to maximize performance and reduce size, weight, and noise.

Tark’s innovative pump designs combine minimal size and maximal cooling in packages that meet your flow rate and pressure needs. While Tark can adapt our standard models to suit your needs, our unique talent lies in our ability to custom design and manufacture pump to your specific requirements.

Tark Direct Drive Pump Advantages

Hermetically sealed

Welded/epoxied design assures leak-free operation.

High reliability and durability

Assures application life requirements are met.

Compact form factor

Customized to meet tight space constraints.

Quiet operation

Applications requirements where noise cannot be tolerated.

Input power flexibility

We offer single phase AC, 3-phase AC, and DC powered models to meet your needs.

High G-load applications

Capable of meeting high centrifugal load application requirements.

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