Tark's History

Providing state-of-the-art pumps and complete cooling packages to leading manufacturers in the CT and X-Ray tube industry since 1985

Major Innovations:

  • Mag drive pumps – 1985
  • HDD oil pumps – 1992
  • WRD pumps – 1999
  • Venturi flow – 2001
  • 2-Stage oil pumps – 2002
  • Refrigerant pumps – 2007
  • Explosive Detection System Cooling – 2009
  • 48V Brushless DC Pumps – 2013

Innovations enable Tark to maintain a competitive advantage and develop solutions specific to our customers’ needs.

Tark People

Tark's primary strength lies in its people. They are the heartbeat of our company. Tark's leadership is privileged to serve them and our customers.

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Tark Facilities

Tark facilities in Billerica, MA and Dayton, OH, are equipped to solve client problems including design, engineering, and manufacturing everything from cooling system components to entire systems.

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Unique Requirements?

Let our team of engineers help design a solution for your unique cooling system needs.